Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cou Cou!

It's been a while but I'm back. Hopefully for good! 

Right now I should be finishing a logo work for my sister, who btw started with catching the very special moments of her life into the frames of her camera and she sure does some good job with it! I'm very proud of her, indeed!! But well, the reason not to do it and write instead is that I decided to be here again and share my thoughts, ideas, happiness and other chique and less chique things in written words. Just in the way how each special and therefore unique day of my life inspires me.

Yesterday my housemate and I invited some friends over to celebrate St. Martin's day together. In Slovenia (and also in Croatia as far as I'm informed)  - Ok, I wikipediad it and figured out the 11th of November is actually celebrated all over the Europe just not in the same ways ('s_Day)  -  it goes with tradition of the day, when must turns into wine. So the wine needs to be tasted! A traditional dinner meal of this day contains goose, sweet red cabbage and mlinci. Well, I improvised of course and made a stuffed chicken, pogača (kind of a puff pastry I'd say) with pork meet and a dessert with lots of fruits and cream. Vida (the housemate) prepared the other part, om nom nom salads and cabbage. We forgot to make and serve mlinci (ha, ha) but I got a feeling everybody was full and satisfied anyway.

I love to spend time with the people I love the most. It's my family and my awesome friends. 
I got my family as a present for my birth. Of course I've had ups and downs with all of them so far. But none of the argues, harsh words and tears could change my enormous love I feel for them. Every now and then (not too often as they could get spoilt too soon ha ha) I directly let them know I love them, I care about them, I respect them and I'll always be there for them no matter what, how, where, why happens.
The other part of the most beautiful people in my life are my friends. They are a present of life. Each and every one of them. Sometimes (ok, actually many times) I ask myself why the heck the Universe blessed me with that many angels around me! I'm proud of the friendships I made, I cannot tell how grateful I am for every moment I spend with them, for all the smiles we share, words we tell to each other, arms where I find harbor in the tough times, understanding when I need it the most (especially when I go to brush my teeth! trololo - don't worry, they exactly know what I'm talking about). So, my dear friends, I will also be there for you. Not because I would think I need to but because I feel I want to!

So this is it. The moment of last night when I see them gathering here, smiling, singing, drinking and chatting together, most of them thinking of the ones who couldn't participate but were on our minds as intensively as they were here with us, that's the inspiration of the day!

So, the chicken is gone, the bottles are empty, the house is all in mess but wth, I still love you, my darlings! <3

Make this day! 



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